Sit IN on a Hypnotherapy Training Class – 2015


Sit IN on an actual pro 2015 Hypnotherapy Training Class

This is an outstanding opportunity to determine if a professional hypnosis course could be right for you.


WHEN: Saturdays & Sundays, 2015

TIME: Between 9am – 5pm

WHAT YOU’LL SEE: Bruce Terrill teach a group of Hypnotherapy student through course materials and hands on practice



What Makes A Top Vancouver Hypnotherapist?

We’re going to ‘model’ what a top Vancouver Washington hypnosis professional might look like…

Meet Dr. ‘Couv, CHt

3271776_thumbnail-1024x1024Dr. ‘Couv practices in Vancouver Washington as a Certified Hypnosis Professional. Yes Washington state has special regulations and requirements for it’s hypnotherapists… and Dr. ‘Couv is not one to break the law.

Dr. ‘Couv cares about and LISTENS to his clients.  I know, I know, this seems to go without saying but honestly some professionals do care more about hearing themselves speak than they do about listening to their clients.  I know it’s hard to believe… ;)  Well not Dr. ‘Couv, he’s very attentive and listens carefully to your every word.

Dr. ‘Couv has a track record of excellence.  It definitely helps to have a zillion years of experience BUT truth be told, if clients & colleges are praising a practitioner – that is a great sign.   Ask for those referrals and follow up with them.  Dr. ‘Couv would be more than happy to provide you references.

Dr. ‘Couv has a good rapport with you. There are as many different types of hypnosis professionals out there as there are different types of people.  Find the one YOU gel with.  Dr. ‘Couv gels with most clients but not everybody… that’s just life my friend.

Dr. ‘Couv is committed to helping you as fast as possible.  Truth be told, some clients will only need one session.  Others may need several BUT if someone starts trying to sell you packages that you may not need… dig deeper and find out if they are putting their financial agenda ahead of helping you.  And that’s not cool people.  Dr. ‘Couv puts your needs first and his finances second.  Dr. ‘Couv’s gotta eat too.

Ok so Dr. ‘Couv is a fictitious character and this article is a little tongue and cheek but… you have a lot of choices when looking for a hypnosis professional in the Vancouver Washington area.  If you use the example of Dr. ‘Couv when finding the hypnosis professional that is right for you, you’ll stand a much better chance of sorting the princes from the frogs.  I recommend checking several out, try a few and stick with the one that works the best for you.  Once you discover how fast, effective and life changing hypnosis is – you’ll surely come up with several things you’re going to want hypnotherapy for.  Trust me I’ve been there and OMG thank God!!!  I’ll take a :60 minute session over years of psychotherapy in a heart beat.  You’ll thank me later, and so will your checkbook!